Glamor Furnishers is a retail company that deals with designing and creating home furniture. The company provides customized, high quality, glamorous, and reasonably priced home furniture items that are suitable for the entire home. Custom made and imported pieces of furniture are something Glamour Furnishers specializes in.

Originally, Glamour Furnishers was part of the company National Furnishers. Founded in 1968 by the late Shree Jiwan Dass Sachdeva, National Furnishers specialized in providing high-quality furniture at reasonable prices. At a very young age, the late Shree Jiwan Dass Sachdeva originally started manufacturing exclusive pieces of furniture from his home in early 1960s to continue his passion for manufacturing quality furniture items. As time passed, his furniture business grew exponentially. As a result, in 1968, he was able to open his first shop in Kirti Nagar under the name of National Furniture Works. There was absolutely no looking back for Shree Jiwan Dass Sachdeva or National Furniture Works.

As business and clientele grew, National Furniture Works was renamed into National Furnishers. With time, the need for diversification was felt again and National Furnishers diversified into Glamour Furnishers in 2003, which specializes in glamorizing your home furniture. Since then, we – Glamour Furnishers – have shown tremendous growth. In fact, the customer base of as Luxury furniture-Glamour Furnishers has increased from the local furniture market in New Delhi to encompass the rest of India. Glamour Furnishers can now boast of a variety of customers from across India along with a few customers from outside India.

As a result of this growth, we at Glamour Furnishers now have a huge store cum luxury showroom on the main road in Kirti Nagar. Spanning approximately 20,000 square feet, our store showcases a wide variety of luzury furniture items to the customers.

We at Glamour Furnishers as Showroom cum store pride ourselves in our diversity and quality. As our name indicates, we manufacture furniture pieces that are modern, contemporary, and even neo classic. Additionally, if you are unable to locate a design that you want, we are always eager to sit with you and design the furniture pieces you want. Also, we always welcome any furniture design that you might want to create even if that is not part of our catalog or showcased items. Our expert designers will ensure that we make luzury furniture items that are exactly what you want.

Our furniture pieces include home furniture for the entire home – from the bedrooms to the drawing rooms. We can create specialized furniture items to give your home any look you want. Whether you want furniture to have the look of classic British homes or the contemporary feel of neo classic styles, we can do it all. At Glamour Furnishers, we can give your entire home a cohesive, stylized look so you do not need to scout different markets to search for different furniture items. Even if you do not have a particular style in mind, our highly trained experts will help gauge your current furniture pieces and help you shortlist furniture designs that will complement your existing luxury furniture items, creating a brand new look for your home.



We deal in all sort of luxury home furniture from bedrooms to drawing rooms. we also do customized designer furniture according to the need of the customer.